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The following is an update of source material for Index on Illegal US Weapons in Lebanon. (30.07.06.) (...) "Bush is now rushing depleted uranium (DU) bombs to Israel. … Laser guided GBU-28 bunker penetration bombs and much of the tank ammunition, such as M829 A1 shells, have DU penetrators built into them. What is even more galling is the likelihood that Rakon NZ probably manufactured the software to guide these obscene weapons… The silence of most of the media is deafening over this increasing menace to our global atmosphere."...


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(Update: 14.08.06)

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

The following is an update of source material for Index on Illegal US Weapons in Lebanon. (30.07.06.)


28.07.06. FAIR. Israeli contribution to conflict is forgotten by leading papers. Down the Memory Hole.

01.08.06. imemc. Cyber Soldiers. Israeli Government’s Organized Efforts to Manipulate Public Forums on the Internet.

02.08.06. J. Borger, Guardian. The US and British media's wildly divergent takes on the Middle East's latest crisis serve to further deepen entrenched points of view. It’s like watching two different wars.

02.08.06. Media Advisory, FAIR. Israel’s cluster bombs and alleged phosphorus use have escaped attention. Mideast Weapons Deserve Scrutiny. See also earlier 03.04.06 Seth Ackerman, FAIR. White Phosphorus and the siege of Fallujah. Now It’s A Chemical Weapon, Now It’s Not.

07.08.06. Pak Tribune. India Bans Arab TV Channels 'Under Pressure.’

09.08.06. Truth About Iraqis, uruknet. "why was the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 not reported as the prime reason why Hezbollah was established in the first place?" The shortcomings and bias of CNN reporting. Should some US media be tossed out of the Middle East?

10.08.06. "I don’t think Israel is really bombing Lebanon, I think it is faulty construction that is causing these buildings to fall." Fox News: Video (1 minute).


Strategic Imperatives

26.07.06. M. Chossudovsky, GlobalResearch. The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil.

01.08.06. Robert Fisk, The Independent. A NATO-led force would be in Israel’s interests, but not in Lebanon’s.

03.08.06. B. Schweid, AP. "The United States plans to help train and equip the Lebanese army so it can take control of all of the nation's territory when warfare between Israel and Hezbollah eases, the State Department said Thursday. The program was approved by Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to take effect "once we have conditions on the ground permitting," US to Help Train, Equip Lebanon Army.

04.08.06. Nissenbaum, Schofield, freep. … to retake as much as one-fifth of Lebanon Israel plans to reoccupy part of Lebanon.

05.08.06. C. Brown, Independent. More than 100 MPs sign petition attacking PM.

05.08.06. AP. Draft UN Resolution to end War in Lebanon.

06.08.06. William Bowles. Strange Attractors: Is the destruction of Lebanon a prelude to a wider conflagration?

06.08.06. Reuters. … because it would allow Israeli forces to remain
on Lebanese soil … Lebanon rejects draft U.N. resolution.

07.08.06. Robert Fisk, Independent. … a document of such bias and mendacity that a close Lebanese friend read carefully through it yesterday, cursed and uttered the immortal question: "Don't these bastards learn anything from history?" This draft shows who is running America’s policy .,, Israel.

08.08.06.R. Heinberg, Energy Bulletin / ICH; and comments. Middle East At A Crossroads.

09.08.06. Video (9 min.) You Tube / Sky News. Israel Attack on Lebanon. A 'Must Watch' here.

10.08.06. ICH. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates.

10.08.06. J. Lowenstein, Counterpunch / uruknet. "Are we really surprised by the vast, Hizbullah-led resistance? By the linkage it makes with people across the boundaries of national insult, defeat and humiliation?" Hizbullah, Zionism and the Ideology of late Imperial America Awakening the Resistance.

10.08.06. S. Lendeman, vheadline / uruknet. Discussing Israeli assault on Palestine; the early planning of assault on Lebanon; why Israel attacked Lebanon; Israel’s criminal acts; further action to demand of Israel. Israel must be held accountable for its international law violations.

10.08.06. I. Bruce, The Herald. … its troops will advance 18 miles into Lebanon to the Litani River… Israelis plan advance into Lebanon.

10.08.06. K. Murphy, Baltimore Times. Israeli bombing has knocked out irrigation canals supplying Litani River water to more than 10,000 acres of farmland and 23 villages in southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley, raising accusations here that Israel is using its war on Hezbollah to lay claim to Lebanon's prime watersheds. Israeli strikes on Lebanese watersheds questioned.

11.08.06. ynet. IDF: It'll take week to reach Litani.

12.08.06. Reuters. Text of draft UN resolution on Lebanon war.

12.08.06. M. Chussodovsky, Global Research. Transcript of Resolution 1701: the word "War" is not mentioned. UN Resolution fails to acknowledge that Israel has launched a War against Lebanon.

13.08.06. arab news. Editorial: Cease-Fire Charade.

14.08.06. S. Hersh, New Yorker. Washington’s interests in Israel’s war. Watching Lebanon.

14.08.06. Reuters. French officers, UN experts plan for Lebanon force.

15.08.06. Hindu.com. Spain may contribute 700 troops to UN force in Lebanon.

Video; Channel 4 News. To view, click here Israel Troops Misgivings over war revealed.

See also: William Bowles: Syria / Lebanon NewsLinks. Investigating New Imperialism.



24.07.08. Reuters / Corpwatch. "Bunker Buster" bombs are manufactured by Raytheon. ISRAEL: Israel to get U.S. "bunker buster" bombs – report

27.07.06. defensetech.org It’s Still Not Chemical Warfare – Israeli Edition.

31.07.06. Scoop, nz. GPJA has today appealed to the Prime Minister to close the loophole which allows New Zealand’s Rakon Industries to export parts for Israeli bombs being dropped on Lebanon and Palestine. … Reports over the past week make clear that guided bombs and missiles used by the Israeli armed forces to target facilities in Lebanon have been provided directly from the United States. Appeal to freeze Rakon exports for Israeli bombs.

The cargo, GBU28 bombs (NB: bunker busters) contain 630lbs (285kg) of high explosives and were developed by the US for use in the first Gulf War. The first sale of the GBU28 outside the US was the shipment of 100 units to Israel, authorised in April 2005. See 31.07.06 article by Arjan El Fassed in Electronic Lebanon.

31 – 1 August, Readers on Sky News Report. More on IDF use of chemical weapons.

01.08.06. Zaman.com. … the bombs used in the attacks were laser-controlled BSU 37/B bunker busters manufactured by the US… The Bush administration had shipped 2.5 tons, 100 GBU-28 "bunker busters" to the region after the operation began on 12 July. Guardian: Qana Bomb Made in US.

02.08.06. AKI. Middle East: 'Highly Likely’ Israel Used Chemical Weapons in Qana.

02.08.06. R. Anderson, scoop.co.nz. "Bush is now rushing depleted uranium (DU) bombs to Israel. … Laser guided GBU-28 bunker penetration bombs and much of the tank ammunition, such as M829 A1 shells, have DU penetrators built into them. What is even more galling is the likelihood that Rakon NZ probably manufactured the software to guide these obscene weapons… The silence of most of the media is deafening over this increasing menace to our global atmosphere." The Global Threat of DU. See also Appendix II.

02.08.06. T. Harding, Telegraph. News blackout imposed on American arms flights refuelling at British bases.

03.08.06.R Norton-Taylor, Guardian. "The government last year approved £22.5m worth of arms-related exports to Israel, almost twice the amount in 2004. … British companies also make crucial parts for US-made Apache helicopters and display units for US F-16s, both used by Israeli forces in Lebanon and the occupied territories. … Margaret Beckett was yesterday threatened with legal action unless she bans the supply of British military equipment to Israel. … Ministers are also facing possible legal action by allowing US planes carrying bombs to Israel to use British airfields." MPs attack government over its own guidelines on arms sales to Israel.

04.08.06. Fox News. War, ever destructive, also spurs creativity. …
The high stakes involved spark technical as well as tactical innovation. … terrorists don’t care what—or who—they hit. (Editor: this article assumes that only Hezbollah are the 'terrorists.’) The Next Generation of Weapons.

05.08.06. uruknet. By Israeli Committee for Middle East Free from Atomic, Biological & Chemical Weapons. Israel using US-supplied depleted uranium in Lebanon.

06.08.06. S. O’Neall, Axis of Logic. The Hypocrisy of Corporate Wars.

07.08.06. B. Gagnon, truthseeker. US and Israel Selecting Targets for Cruise Missile First-Strike.

07.08.06. P. Manduca, globalresearch.ca. 'direct energy’ weapons
chemical and/or biological weapons of future warfare in a macabre experiment of future warfare. New and unknown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces.

07.08.06. S. Shalom, Znet. Doesn’t Israel Have the Right to Defend
Itself? Lebanon War Question and Answer.

08.06. The Citizen's Education Project and the Sunshine Project requested this report in August 2004 because its title suggests that the US Army has recently exposed people to chemical weapons (CW) agents. Chemical Weapons Report: Toxicity by Race and Gender.

10.08.06. Memories Documented / uruknet. "These weapons can shred cars and limbs. Without leaving shrapnel and at the same time they are armour piercing." Israel’s new advanced weapons.

11.08.06. NY Times/ICH. Israel has asked the Bush administration to speed delivery of short-range antipersonnel rockets (M26) armed with cluster munitions. Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast.

11.08.06. pnn.ps. Despite an international ban, Israeli Foreign Ministry claims their use of cluster bombs not illegal.

11.08.06. Human Rights Watch News. Use in Lebanon Has Killed and Maimed Civilians. The wide dispersal pattern of sub-munitions from M26 rockets makes it very difficult to avoid civilian casualties if civilians are in the area. U.S.: Deny Israeli Request for Cluster Munitions.

16.08.06. Human Rights Watch News. "Unexploded ordnance has turned into a massive problem in southern Lebanon. Now that there is a ceasefire, all parties to the conflict have a duty to help protect the civilian population from these explosive remnants of war." Lebanon: Protect Civilians From Unexploded Weapons.


13.08.06. Assyrian International News Agency. Syria’s WMDs, including chemical weapons. The Threat from Syria.


The url to Appendix to Index on Weapons in Lebanon is: http://indexresearch.blogspot.com/2006/08/appendix-to-illegal-weapons-in-lebanon.html

Please see Appendix II: War Crimes in Lebanon and Palestine
Please see Index on weapons in Lebanon
Please see Death in Lebanon

Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in Sussex, UK.
Email: sarahmeyer@fastnet.co.uk

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Link: indexresearch.blogspot.com/2006/08/appendix-to-illegal-weapons-in-lebanon.html

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